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This is a web-based course that provides an introduction to Ruby programming.

Completed Courses

SQL Programming


This course introduces students to the fundamentals and functions of Structured Query Language (SQL), including relational database, table creation, updating, and manipulation concepts. Using a live database, students learn SQL basics and then move on to the more sophisticated and challenging aspects of SQL. Students get in-depth knowledge of the language through extensive use of Internet based, industry standard SQL programming and certification testing engines. Upon completion of this course, in SQL and the background necessary to continue to programming and database administration.

Visual Basic


This course covers an introduction to computer programming using Visual Basic. The course provides students with "hands-on" exposure to object-oriented programming techniques and emphasizes programming logic, using the event-driven components of Visual Basic. Using laboratory case assignments, students plan, design, and create their own Windows applications. They learn how to create a user interface, set control properties, design the logical structures of the project and write the associated Visual Basic code. Topics covered include variables and mathematical operations, decision and looping structures, procedures and functions and single level arrays.

Introduction to Computer Science/Object Oriented Programming


This is a first course in Object Oriented Programming (OOP) theory, logic, and design. This course emphasizes concepts of variables and flow control, objects, classes, methods, and polymorphism. Students will use an Object Oriented Programming language as they design, code, debug and implement several programs covering the topics presented

Wrangling HTML

Web Start Women

This two class series gives you a solid foundation in website building. First, we get you set up with the (free) software you'll need. Then we dig right into HTML, learning about tags and putting together pages. With that behind us, we talk about some of the finer points of HTML and cover the nuts and bolts of getting your work online. This course is the perfect precursor to our CSS Basics class (taking place at the end of the month) and a prerequisite for almost every other class we teach.

CSS Basics

Web Start Women

CSS is HTML's other half and the way we style web sites. If HTML is the frame if your house, CSS is the paint, curtains, light fixtures, etc. In this two-class series, we'll guide you through everything you need to know to start bringing your site design to life. We'll begin by explaining the three methods of connecting CSS to your HTML, explaining when and where you'll use each. Then, we'll introduce you to the CSS style properties that will let you control everything from font size to padding to margins to background images to you name it.